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Whether you are just starting your business or working on growing your existing business, it’s great to have a mentor who has walked in your shoes.  I started my business in 2001 as a small home based business.  Since then, it has grown into a brick and mortar store with over 1500 products and 7 employees.  During that time, through my own experience and speaking with others, I’ve learned that there are certain key elements that build a business the right way – growth that can be sustained even in tough economic times.

My goal with Build it Right Business is to share those keys with you – just as I have with other entrepreneurs – so that we can all enjoy success together.  In order to reach that goal, this site will be filled with articles, tips, and resources to help you start or build your own business.  I will share the resources and information that I’ve picked up through my years in business with you.  All that I ask in return is that you pay it forward and eventually do the same for other entrepreneurs.

So lets get started. Watch the video below – it will tell you about this wonderful system I found that helps you really make your customers feel valued.  That’s important because it will turn your customers into loyal fans.


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